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NI Dental Jobs was started in early 2020 with the aim of improving the recruitment processes across the dental industry here in Northern Ireland. Dental recruitment is a very specific type of recruitment: having a team in your practice that you can rely upon is essential. From trusting your associates and nurses to uphold the clinical standards, to relying on your practice managers to organise and manage your business effectively, trust in your team is crucial to the smooth running of your practice; we believe that it all starts with quality recruitment. Until now there have been many different methods of recruitment to choose from, such as recruitment agencies to various non-dental websites, none of which fully served the needs of dental practices – that’s where we want to help! We believe that there is no-one better placed to choose the right person for your practice than you! Only you can select the right person who will join your team, fit in, and deliver the benefits. Deciding who you want to join your team can be difficult – we want to help you reach the right candidates so that you can make the right decision.

Your Source for Dental Jobs in Northern Ireland
Do you want a good team or the best one? Do you want a good team or the best one?

Do you want a good team or the best one?

Traditional methods of recruitment such as word of mouth have proven effective in the past, but the problem with this method of recruitment is that you don’t know who you are missing! In our connected world, many dentists travel around Northern Ireland, and even to the UK to seek experience and further training. While word of mouth may help you to recruit a good local member of staff, having a great one can mean a difference of thousands of pounds per year to your practice. Posting an advert with us gives you the opportunity to maximise your practice visibility to potential team members so that you can connect with the right person.

We don’t just serve the dental industry – we’re a part of it.

We don’t just serve the dental industry – we’re a part of it.

NI Dental Jobs was founded, and is owned, by a local dentist. Our director, James Parish has an in-depth, first-hand knowledge of both sides of the dental recruitment processes. James was aware of the difficulties associated with recruitment in primary care dentistry and hospital dentistry in Northern Ireland and wanted to create a platform to make recruitment simple, easy and affordable. While jobs have been previously advertised on up to seven different sites, NI Dental Jobs will provide a single best option for recruiters. This will also benefit jobseekers, who will only need to access one site to keep up to date with the latest vacancies.

We don’t just serve the dental industry – we’re a part of it.

Our local knowledge is our strength.

Based in Belfast and Magherafelt, we understand the difficulties unique to dental recruitment here and have tailored our services specifically to help dental practices, hospitals and universities find the people they need. Our geography means that it can be difficult for jobseekers to find a suitable job in their desired areas, especially in some rural parts of the country. Because of this we developed email alerts which can alert jobseekers when there is a job posted in areas of their choice.

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