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Running a successful dental practice comes with many challenges

Dental practice manager jobs can be highly rewarding and challenging at the same time. As the operational leader of a dental practice, you may often find yourself juggling several tasks simultaneously. From daily business administration and human resources, to finance, accounting and marketing, you may be responsible for a wide range of non-clinical activities.

Typically, dental practices prefer to hire someone who enjoys designing and implementing policies, processes and systems to make their business run smoothly. While evaluating potential candidates for the practice manager job, they look for individuals who:

  • Are systematic and organised

  • Have excellent office administration skills

  • Possess basic knowledge of IT systems and financial transactions

  • Display tact and sensitivity while dealing with staff and patients

  • Have maturity, integrity and respect for patient confidentiality

  • Can lead, manage, motivate and retain a diverse team of dental professionals

The more of these qualities you can display in your CV and interview the better!

Paths to a practice manager job

Several different career paths could lead to the role of a practice manager or dental practice manager. Have you worked as a dental assistant or dental nurse before? This is a natural career progression because your previous experience and insights in this industry are valuable and could give you a great head start as a practice manager at a dental practice.

For example, your experience will give you a:

  • Familiarity with various dental standards, legislations and requirements

  • Keen understanding of the responsibilities of the various dental team professionals

  • Experience in managing a variety of clinical and administrative responsibilities and knowledge of the inner workings of a dental practice.

Your exposure to this industry gives you a better grip on the ground realities of a dental practice and various aspects of Human Resources management. This would be an added advantage when you are responsible for increasing the productivity and profitability of your new practice.

However, having knowledge of the dental industry is not a mandatory requirement for a practice manager job. Many recruiting practices may look at candidates who have a business management background.

For example:

  • Do you have a good grasp of management practices?

  • Can you lead a team?

  • Can you efficiently multitask a host of general administrative aspects?

Strong organisational, administrative and leadership skills are easily transferable to any industry and could give you a firm grounding in your new job as a dental practice manager.

Become the key differentiator for your future employer

There are many dental practices that boast the most advanced equipment and the best dental professionals. However, what makes a practice truly stand apart is the ability of the dental practice manager to efficiently run the setup. This could translate to a number of aspects:

  • Good staffing and rostering

  • Timely patient scheduling, follow-ups, and billing

  • Proactive equipment maintenance and supplies stocking and management

  • Ensuring a clean and safe environment for the staff, patients and visitors

No matter what type of dental care practice you manage, you can become the key differentiator for that practice, in turn boosting patient satisfaction, practice reviews and ratings, and overall revenues.

Stay on top of the job market for dental office jobs

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