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We have an interactive and engaging community to find the best dental therapist job Northern Ireland has to offer. Whether this is your first job in the field, or if you are looking for a change of scene, we can help you find opportunities to work with some of Northern Ireland’s best practices.

Landing your first dental therapist job

Having freshly graduated from your dental therapy course, you may find yourself in a sea of candidates, all competing for the same dental therapist jobs in Northern Ireland. It may be quite easy to show your clinical competency through references from clinical tutors, along with photos or records of your patient cases but recruiting practices often look for more than just your technical skills.

Key questions potential employers consider include:

  • Are you the right ‘fit’ for their team of mature and experienced dental professionals?
  • Do you have a good personality and patient manners?
  • Can you stay composed and manage tough cases or situations well?
  • What can you bring to the team that is different from similar dental therapy graduates competing for the same job?

Hence, besides your clinical competency portfolio, it’s important to build a solid CV: include all your past experience in the dental field, discuss any transferable skills from previous professions, and give the recruiting practice a true glimpse into your personality.

Selecting a future employer

Whether you are a new or an experienced dental therapist, it is not just about being selected by a recruiting dental practice or professional. As much as employers select candidates, candidates also choose who they work for. Working as a dental therapist in Northern Ireland could mean different things in different settings. Some general dental practices treat dental therapists as critical additions to their dental team and will allow you to carry out a lot of the routine dental care. However, in certain settings, the dental therapist’s job may involve only oral assessments or providing oral hygiene instruction in a one-to-one or group situation. While choosing potential employers and before applying for a dental therapist job, make sure that the job responsibilities align with your expectations.

Stay on top of the job market and land your ideal dental therapist job

Applying for a dental therapy job in Northern Ireland is a great way to

  • Gain useful experience under the guidance of an experienced dentist
  • Independently carry out many aspects of routine dental care for children and adults
  • Pace your career and not take on full responsibility of running a dental practice until you are truly ready for that stage

Whether you are actively seeking work or proactively looking at jobs while completing your dental therapy course, staying on top of the job market will help you land your dream dental therapist job at the earliest. Check in with our website regularly, enable job alerts, or fill out our ‘work availability’ section to let prospective employers find you.

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